Students from the SV UNDIP Tax Accounting Study Program carried out an important visit to the Bali Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) Office. This visit is a strategic step in expanding their understanding of the implementation of tax practices at the regional level. During this visit, students were given the opportunity to learn more deeply about the role and function of Bapenda Bali in collecting, managing and supervising regional revenues. They have the opportunity to understand the administrative processes, regulations and tax procedures that apply in the Bali area.

Students were also invited to interact directly with Bali Bapenda officials and staff. They can ask questions, discuss and share experiences with professionals who have a deep understanding of taxation at the regional level. The students expressed their appreciation for this opportunity. They felt that a visit to Bapenda Bali provided invaluable practical insight into the tax system at regional level and would be very useful in preparing them for a future career in tax accounting. It is hoped that this visit will provide encouragement and inspiration for students of the Tax Accounting Study Program to continue to pursue their dreams of becoming quality professionals and contributing positively to society, especially at the regional level.