On November 30 2022, tax accounting study program journal was launched, namely Tax Accounting Applied International Journal (TAAIJ). This journal was inaugurated by Vice Dean II SV Dr. Eng. Vita Paramita, ST, MEng. In his first publication, there were 5 articles published. The TAAIJ journal can be accessed via https://ejournal2.undip.ac.id/index.php/taaij. It is hoped that the TAAIJ journal can become a forum not only for internal UNDIP writers but also the general public to contribute to scientific writing in the field of tax accounting.

Apart from launching the TAAIJ journal, at the same time a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) was signed with Ngudi Waluyo University and STIE Dharma Putra Semarang. In the future, through this collaboration, it is hoped that together we can build a better education ecosystem.