The series of PKKMB activities at UNDIP have been carried out from 12-20 August 2022. For the series of PKKMB activities, they are held at the University, Faculty and Study Program levels. PKKMB activities held in the Study Program consist of PMB on August 16, 2022 and Pendikar which will be held for 3 days (18-20 August 2022)

PMB activities are more focused on the introduction of the campus environment, the introduction of the academic system, the introduction of existing ormawa on campus and also as the first step for new students before entering college life. The speakers in the 2022 Tax Accounting PMB activity consist of lecturers and also teaching staff in the study program. As for the Pendikar activities, it focuses more on character education for new students to match the core values ​​of UNDIP and its derivative values. Therefore, the 2022 Pendikar activities are also balanced with direct implementation either through games, assignments, etc. after the material is finished. In education activities, the material is delivered by the lecturer and for games or assignments assisted by friends of the facilitator.
PMB and Pendikar 2022 are the first work programs in the field of Student Resource Development for HMPS Tax Accounting 2022 which are carried out full offline or offline. This activity went smoothly and we hope that new students, committee members and lecturers and educators will get good value from the PMB Pendikar 2022 activity. Cheers!