On 27 August 2022, the Handover of the new Vocational Tax Corner (VTC) 2022 was held. The event was held at the Seminar Room 2nd Floor, Pleburan Campus, which was attended by the Head of the Department of Business and Finance (Dr. Edy Raharja, M.Si) and the Head of the Program Tax Accounting Studies (Drs. Dul Muid, M.Sc., Akt). The purpose of the event is to change the management from the management of Batch 1 which is chaired by Al Isya Lutfianti to the management of Batch 2 with the chairman of Alyassa Zahra Herrahayu.

The event officially opened at 09.00 WIB, starting with a prayer, followed by singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya, Mars Undip, and Mars Vocational Collage. The agenda continued with the submission of the Old Management Accountability Report and the inauguration of the 2022 Undip Vocational Collage VTC. All activities were completed at 11.20 and closed with a closing prayer.