Tax Accounting Study Program, Diponegoro University, is proud to announce the success of the 2024 Second Semester Agenda Finalization Meeting. This event is an important milestone in mapping our strategic steps to improve the quality of education and research in the field of tax accounting.

The meeting, which was held on April 24 2024, was attended by lecturers, staff and representatives of Tax Accounting Study Program students. Together, we evaluate our achievements so far and plan the next steps to achieve excellence in education and research in the field of tax accounting.

The following are several important points that were discussed and agreed upon at the meeting:

  • Industry-Based Curriculum Development: We are committed to continuously updating our curriculum to align with the latest developments in the field of taxation. This includes an increased focus on the practical skills required by tax professionals in the industry.
  • Strengthening Partnerships with Industry: We will increase collaboration with companies and related institutions in the tax industry to ensure the relevance of our curriculum and provide opportunities for students to interact directly with field practitioners.
  • Entrepreneurship Program Development: We will launch an entrepreneurship program specifically designed for our students, with the aim of encouraging innovation and creativity in facing business challenges in the world of taxation.
  • Organizing Seminars and Workshops: We will continue to hold seminars and workshops on the latest topics in the field of taxation, which are attended by industry experts and leading academics to expand our students’ knowledge and understanding.
    Improved Access to Resources: We will provide broader access to supporting resources such as digital libraries, academic journals, and tax databases, to support student and faculty research and learning.

The 2024 Second Semester Agenda Finalization Meeting reflects our commitment to continue improving the quality and relevance of our education, and supports our vision to become a center of excellence in education and research in the field of tax accounting.