Lecturer from the Tax Accounting Study Program, Diponegoro University is proud to announce his participation in training as a competency assessor. This training aims to increase the capacity of lecturers in assessing and accrediting student competence in the field of taxation.

This training, held by the LSP Vocational School, brings together experts in the field of taxation to provide in-depth insight into the competency assessment process. During the training, lecturers engage in a variety of practical activities designed to increase their understanding of competency evaluation standards and effective assessment techniques.

Naila Hanum, S.E., M.Acc., one of the lecturers who took part in the training, stated, “Our participation in this training is an important step in strengthening our ability to evaluate our students’ abilities and skills. With a better understanding of the competency assessment process, we can provide more valuable feedback to students and help them reach their maximum potential in their studies.”

This training is also part of the Tax Accounting Study Program’s commitment to continue to improve teaching and evaluation standards in order to provide quality and relevant education for students. By integrating the new knowledge gained from this training, lecturers are expected to be more effective in guiding their students in achieving the competencies required in real-world tax practice.