Accounting Study Program, Vocational School, Diponegoro University is proud to announce that more than a thousand taxpayers have used tax volunteer services from the Vocational School to report Individual Income Tax Returns (SPT). This active involvement from the community marks a significant step in strengthening tax awareness and tax compliance in Indonesia.

As part of efforts to broaden understanding of tax obligations, the Vocational School has run a tax volunteer program that involves students as agents of change in society. Through this program, taxpayers receive assistance in filling out and reporting PPh OP SPT, as well as providing opportunities for students to apply the knowledge they gain in class.

By successfully involving more than a thousand taxpayers, this program confirms that collaboration between education and society has a significant impact in building a strong and responsible tax culture. The support provided by taxpayers also provides great motivation for Vocational School tax volunteers to continue developing their services.

“We are very grateful for the active participation of more than a thousand taxpayers in using the tax volunteer services from the Vocational School. This step not only helps them fulfill their tax obligations correctly, but also supports our vision to create a society that is aware of the importance of paying taxes correctly ,” Drs. Dul Muid, M.Si, Akt, Head of the Tax Accounting Study Program.

By thanking all taxpayers who have participated, the Vocational School is committed to continuing to improve the quality of their services and making a greater positive contribution to tax development in Indonesia.