The Tax Accounting Study Program at the Diponegoro University Vocational School (Undip) carried out an educational visit to PT Jamkrindo Bali. This visit is part of the Study Program’s efforts to provide students with practical insight into the application of accounting and taxation theory in the real world. PT Jamkrindo is a credit insurance company that plays a role in helping finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. During this visit, students get a unique opportunity to understand how credit insurance plays a role in protecting and managing business risks. During the visit, students were invited to take part in discussions and presentations by PT Jamkrindo professionals. They gain in-depth insight into the role of credit insurance in economic development and how the risk assessment process is carried out by companies.

The students also had the opportunity to conduct question and answer sessions and discussions with PT Jamkrindo professionals, which allowed them to gain deeper insight into the credit insurance industry and career opportunities in this field. It is hoped that this visit will provide encouragement for students of the Tax Accounting Study Program at the Undip Vocational School to continue to develop themselves in the fields of accounting and taxation. It is hoped that the experience gained from this visit can become a strong foundation for their future success.