The Vocational School Accounting and Taxation Study Program Student Association, UNDIP has made a visit to the Swadaya Special School (SLB) as part of their community service program. This visit aims to provide moral support, share experiences, and strengthen relationships with children at the Swadaya SLB. Students from the Tax Accounting Study Program visited SLB Swadaya with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm to make a positive contribution to society. They not only bring small gifts as expressions of affection, but also organize various interactive activities involving children at the school. During the visit, the students gave a short lecture session about the importance of education and motivation to the Self-Help SLB children. They also hold educational games and art activities specifically designed to increase children’s creativity and self-confidence.

This visit not only provided benefits for the children at the Swadaya SLB, but also provided valuable experience for the students. They learn about the courage, resilience and never-give-up spirit shown by these children in facing various obstacles in their lives. “Our visit to SLB Swadaya was a very valuable experience for us as students. We were very inspired by the enthusiasm and joy of the children there, and we hope to continue providing support to them in the future,” said Maya Aresteria, S.E., M .Si., Ak, as Lecturer for the Tax Accounting Study Program Student Association. This event is also part of the Tax Accounting Study Program Student Association’s efforts to increase their social awareness and responsibility towards society, as well as strengthen connections between the academic world and society.