On February 9 2024, the extended family of the Tax Accounting Study Program, Vocational School, Diponegoro University gathered at a Family Gathering event at the Jowo Deles Restaurant. This event aims to strengthen relations between lecturers and education staff and increase solidarity between them. Family Gathering at Jowo Deles Restaurant provides a warm and intimate atmosphere for the participants. Apart from enjoying delicious Javanese dishes, the lecturers and education staff also shared their stories, experiences and hopes with each other. This event is the right momentum to relieve fatigue from work routines and celebrate togetherness outside the campus environment.

Apip, S.E., M.Sc., Secretary of the Tax Accounting Study Program, stated, “This Family Gathering is clear evidence of the strong solidarity and togetherness between us. Through this event, we not only strengthen our personal relationships, but also strengthen our ties. as one unified academic team.”

Apart from being a moment of fun, this event also provides an opportunity for participants to have a relaxed discussion about various current issues in the field of education and academics. It is hoped that this exchange of ideas and views can provide new inspiration and enrich the insights of lecturers and education staff. The Family Gathering event at Jowo Deles Restaurant ended with a high sense of togetherness and a commitment to continue strengthening relationships between fellow faculty members. The participants returned to their tasks with greater enthusiasm and renewed energy.