On January 22-23 2024, located at the Santika Premier Hotel Semarang, lecturers from the Tax Accounting Study Program, Vocational School, Diponegoro University took part in the latest Accurate application workshop. This workshop was held with the aim of increasing the understanding and skills of lecturers in using the latest technology in the field of accounting. This two-day workshop presented industry experts and practitioners who are experienced in using the Accurate application. Workshop participants were invited to learn new features, usage optimization techniques, as well as various tips and tricks in maximizing the benefits of this application in academic and professional contexts. The presence of lecturers from the Tax Accounting Study Program marks their commitment to continue developing themselves and providing the best learning experience for their students. By adopting the latest technology, lecturers hope to provide deeper and more relevant insights to their students, as well as prepare them for the challenges of an increasingly digital and integrated world of work.

Drs. Dul Muid, M.Si., Akt., Head of the Tax Accounting Study Program, stated, “Our participation in this workshop is an important step in our efforts to remain relevant in this digital era. We believe that by deepening our understanding of the Accurate application, we can make a greater contribution in producing graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work.” This workshop is also a valuable platform for the exchange of knowledge between lecturers and industry, allowing them to learn from each other. and share best practices. The participants agreed that this kind of collaboration is the key to continuing to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

With the end of this workshop, the lecturers of the Tax Accounting Study Program are ready to share the latest knowledge about accuracy, blazing enthusiasm, and stronger determination to continue to innovate in learning.