Lecturers of the Tax Accounting Study Program, Diponegoro University Vocational School joined in a workshop organized by EduAkksa, a leading educational platform in the field of accounting. This workshop had the theme “Website Based Audit” and was attended by lecturers who were committed to continuing to improve their competence in modern audit practices. The Website-Based Audit Workshop organized by EduAkksa aims to introduce the latest concepts in auditing which are supported by information and communication technology. Workshop participants were invited to understand the use of digital audit tools, online data analysis, and the application of efficient audit methods in a website-based environment.

Rifki Adhi Prasetyo, S.E., M.Ak., one of the lecturers in the Tax Accounting Study Program who took part in this workshop, stated, “Our participation in this workshop is an important step in our efforts to continue to follow the latest developments in the world of auditing. By understanding and mastering website-based audit technology, we can improve the quality of our teaching to students and also make a greater contribution to audit practice in the industrial world.” During the workshop, the lecturers gained an in-depth understanding of the audit process related to business activities carried out online. They also have the opportunity to discuss and share experiences with fellow participants, thereby enriching their insight into implementing website-based audits.

EduAkksa as the workshop organizer is committed to continuing to provide an innovative and relevant learning platform for professionals and academics in the accounting field. This workshop is one of a series of activities held by EduAkksa to support the development of quality human resources in the accounting sector.