Medono Village, Boja District, Kendal Regency, Central Java — Community service activities in Medono Village, 22 October 2023, initiated by the Tax Accounting Study Program Student Association (HMPS Tax Accounting) at Diponegoro University, became an exciting collaborative moment. Interestingly, this activity was not only attended by students, but also involved lecturers from the Tax Accounting Study Program, Diponegoro University Vocational School.

This community service shows the spirit of togetherness between students and lecturers in providing a positive impact on the Medono Village community. This event was held with the aim of making a real contribution to the social, economic and educational development of the local community.

One of the superior activities in this community service is holding seminars and workshops guided by lecturers from the Tax Accounting Study Program. The material presented covers various aspects, including family financial management strategies, taxes, and small and medium business development. The Medono Village community was given the opportunity to ask questions directly and discuss with lecturers who have expertise in their fields.

Apart from that, students and lecturers also take part in financial literacy training programs for the community. The material is tailored to people’s needs and level of understanding, providing a better understanding of how to manage personal finances.

In an effort to improve the quality of education in Medono Village, the community service team provides tutoring and mentoring. Students and lecturers are actively involved in providing additional learning to local students, providing motivation and sharing experiences to help them achieve better academic achievements.

Community service involving students and lecturers of the Tax Accounting Study Program at Diponegoro University in Medono Village succeeded in creating a positive synergy between the academic world and the community. The hope is that activities like this can continue to develop and become an inspiration for other educational institutions to become more involved in community development.