Kedungjati (21/07/2023). Diponegoro University SCS Team II in 2023, Alifianto Fikriadi from the Vocational Schools, Department of Tax Accounting carried out a monodisciplinary work program that discussed “Educating the Importance of Having TAX ID NUMBER and Training for Making Tax ID Number Online in Kedungjati Village.”

Tax id number stands for Taxpayer Identification Number, a number given to taxpayers for facilities in tax administration and as identification or self-identity of taxpayers in fulfilling their rights and obligations. A tax id number is an important administrative requirement in any sector, from applying for a job to applying for credit to a bank or even a trading business license, and a business identification number also requires a tax id number. As good Indonesian citizens, we are all obliged to play a role in advancing development in Indonesia. The way we can do this is to obey taxes. Taxes are the country’s biggest income in development.

The community in Kedungjati Village, Warureja District, Tegal Regency, still lacks knowledge about taxation. Many of them do not understand the benefits of having a tax id number, and they are afraid that later they will be billed to pay taxes, even though it is only natural that people who have fulfilled the subjective and objective tax requirements are obliged to have tax id number and carry out their tax obligations. The people, especially teenagers, and men, mostly work as factory workers and village officials. In this regard, the tax id number is necessary for administrative requirements.

The presence of Diponegoro University Student Community Service Team II, who came from the Tax Accounting Department, was motivated to educate the importance of having a tax id number and online training for making it, with the main goal being that the people of Kedungjati Village understand and are aware of taxes, as a fulfillment of requirements in applying for jobs. Youth can play a role in the development of the country through taxes.

In this socialization activity, Brother Alifianto Fikriadi, a Student of Team II Community Service Program at Diponegoro University, explained the world of taxation, the benefits of having a tax id number, and the steps of making a tax id number online. Making a tax id number that is done online starts with first creating a djp account on the djp web page or; after registering, log back in then complete the taxpayer data registration form at tax id number registration. Follow and complete all the registration flows; if so, send an application to get a tax id number online.

Furthermore, after we received a message via email that we registered about the tax id number registration process, we already got an electronic card and also a tax id number, which consists of two types, namely: a 15-digit tax id number and a 16-digit tax id number and can already be used for administrative purposes in taxation or in other things that require ownership of tax id number.

The Kedungjati Village community and all village officials were very enthusiastic and excited about asking Brother Alifianto Fikriadi about the ownership of the tax id number. The youth from Kedungjati Village who are already working are also excited to have their tax id number online made because they don’t have a tax id number with Brother Alifianto Fikriadi after the socialization ends.