Kedungjati (30/7/2023). Diponegoro University student community services Team II in 2023, Alifianto Fikriadi from the Vocational Schools, Department of Tax Accounting carried out a monodisciplinary work program that discussed “Practices of Calculating Land and Building Tax and Reporting Online in Kedungjati Village”.

Land and Building Tax is a mandatory levy on land and building ownership because of the advantages and socio-economic position of individuals or entities that have rights to them to benefit from the land and buildings. People who own land or rice fields and residential buildings must pay taxes because they have benefited from the assets they already have.

In the current era of digitalization, people are required to use technology in any activities, including reporting and online Land and Building Tax payments. Many Land and Building Tax payment service provider applications exist, including Shopee, Tokopedia, GO-JEK, Dana, OVO, Link Aja, Bank Jateng, and the Tegal Regency e-PBB application for checking Land and Building Tax bills.

Most people in Kedungjati Village, Warureja District, Tegal Regency do not know how to calculate Land and Building Tax, report it, and pay online. Based on the results of discussions with Mr Poniman as Head of RT 01/RW 05 Kedungjati Village on Saturday (08/07/2023) said that “the people of Kedungjati Village do not know where the amount of Land and Building Tax bills come from, and there are still many bills and fines for Land and Building Tax payments in the previous year. And in Kedungjati Village, the payment of Land and Building Tax is still done manually, with the community giving money in cash to the tax officer at the Village Hall. This manual payment process takes so long and becomes an obstacle and public ignorance of the Land and Building Tax payments payment process.

The presence of Diponegoro University Student Community Service Team II, Alifianto Fikriadi, was motivated to socialize the practice of calculating Land and Building Tax and its reporting online, with the aim that the people of Kedungjati Village understand and are aware of how the PBB calculation process is and can make payments online from home.

The socialization activity was attended by gentlemen from the residents of Kedungjati Village in Macan Ucul Hamlet, explaining Land and Building Tax, continued calculating it, and ended with reporting and online payments through the Tegal Regency e-PBB application. Brother Alifianto Fikriadi also gave a brochure and poster about the invitation to pay the PBB in 2023.

The people of Kedungjati Village who were present at the socialization event were very enthusiastic in asking about the benefits of paying PBB online. Ultimately, the gentlemen who attended the socialization event had already paid their 2023 Land and Building Tax payments. With this monodisciplinary work program presented by Alifianto Fikriadi, it is hoped that the people of Kedungjati Village can be more obedient and concerned about their tax obligations in terms of paying Land and Building Tax so that there are no more arrears and fines due to late or non-payment of Land and Building Tax. And the hope is from Mr Poniman, as Head of RT 01/RW 05 Kedungjati Village, that the people of Kedungjati Village can calculate their PBB so that in the future, the community can be independent in paying their Land and Building Tax. The socialization and education program ended with a slogan that the Kedungjati Village community members followed: “Kedungjati is Tax Aware”.