Hundreds of flour-based SMEs assisted by PT Sriboga Flour Mill in Semarang City participated in business sharing to increase their business by cooperating with UNDIP SV. The presentation of material on business management by SV UNDIP was held at the UNDIP Postgraduate Building on September 20, 2022.

MSME actors assisted by PT Sriboga Flour Mill only received product development materials from their side. However, this is not enough, there are other fields that must be owned by the assisted MSMEs, one of which is business management. Therefore, at the event, he collaborated with academics to help guide the MSMEs under his guidance.

There were three speakers at the event. The first was from UKM activist Irfan Wahyudi who is the owner of Bakpia 701. Second, with the topic of Financial Management and Taxation, the lecturer of the Vocational School Undip Apip, SE., M.Sc. Lastly, the Baking Demo by Chef Sriboga who provided innovative recipes and shared tips and tricks to the participants, the majority of whom were flour-based SMEs. This event was also covered by online news media and aired on