Empowered SMEs have the sufficient capital capacity, strong competitiveness, broad access to investors, sources of raw materials, potential customers, and other stakeholders. In practice, many SMEs are still facing various problems, so they have not been able to become empowered. The problem often encountered is the lack of managerial ability, operating skills, and capital. The issue will be even more complicated if SMEs cannot carry out bookkeeping and business feasibility analysis.

Many SMEs are still developing in Kangkung Village, Mranggen District, Demak Regency, Central Java. SMEs that grew in Kangkung Village is still relatively small and managed traditionally. The problems faced are the same as the other SMEs above. Responding to that, lecturers at the Department of Business and Finance, Vocational Collage, UNDIP held community service in the form of training in preparing financial reports.

The Head of Kangkung Village attended the activity, representatives of SMEs in Kangkung Village, members of youth organizations, village officials, and the Undip Vocational Collage service team. The training was held in two sessions. The first session presented information and conditions of SMEs in Kangkung Village representatives from Kangkung Village. The second session was training from the Vocational Collage service team. The material provided is training on the general explanation of financial statements, preparation of simple income statements, reports of changes in equity, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. This activity produced output in the form of a financial report preparation module that SME actors in Kangkung Village could utilize in the future. In addition, to support the creation of empowered SMEs in Kangkung Village, the Undip Vocational Collage service team continues to collaborate by providing consultation and assistance regularly.