Tax Accounting Study Program Won 1st Place in Tracer Study Data Collection for D3 Accounting and D3 Tax Alumni. Tracer Study itself is a study of graduates of higher education institutions. This study provides various information for the purpose of evaluating the results of higher education which is then used to improve and guarantee the quality of the higher education institution concerned. In addition, tracer studies are also useful in providing important information regarding the relationship between higher education and the professional world of work, assessing the relevance of higher education, information for stakeholders, and the completeness of the requirements for higher education accreditation.

Universities need to carry out tracer studies because they need feedback from alumni in their efforts to improve education systems and management. Universities at the beginning of the academic year determine the direction of higher education policies from input in the form of conditions, experiences, and motivations of new students who enter the university. Enter the conditions, experiences and motivations that determine universities in implementing education systems and management in terms of patterns/processes of teaching and learning, research, practicum, workshops, laboratories, studios or research.

The results of the input in the form of conditions, experiences and motivations of students, educational systems and policies in higher education, and the teaching and learning process in higher education will help in shaping the character/competence of the college graduates themselves. Graduates/alumni from universities will generally have the knowledge, abilities, motivation and competencies needed to enter the world of work.